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Maple Ridge Golf Course is located in Saybrook Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio, about one mile north of I-90 on State Route 45. One of the oldest courses in the area, Maple Ridge offers two distinct challenges within its eighteen hole 6,000 yard layout.

The beautiful sculptured front nine presents 3,300 yard of fairly open play, while the 2,700 yard wooded back nine requires accuracy and finesse. The Clubhouse offers a Snack Bar and Lounge, Powered Carts, Pro Shop, Tee Times, and Equipment Repair. Special 18 and 36-Hole Packages are available during the entire golf season. League play is also available.

Nearby attractions include Lake Erie fishing charters, marinas, wineries, amusement areas, covered bridges, historical sites, fine restaurants, and first class accommodations. We are also within one hour of Cleveland, and one hour of Erie, Pennsylvania.

As to our course, the first hole is a long, straight away par five with a large green. Stretch those muscles!


Our second hole, is a par four and also straight away over rolling terrain. Driving over the slope of the hill will set the golfer up with an straight, but long, second shot to the green.

The third hole is a par three protected by sand on both the left and right.

Hole four stretches out to 433 yards, with a narrowing fairway as you approach the green. Hole five is a dog leg left. Keep your drive right of center to get line-of-site to the green. The sixth hole, over rolling terrain, present an easy par four at only 335 yards.

The seventh is the hardest hole on the course, a par four at 448 yards. Staying on the left center of the fairway is the formula to win this hole. The eighth, my favorite hole, a dog-leg left, tempts you to cut the corner to shave off yards. If you can get away with it, do it. My play is down the middle. The closing hole on the front is a 208 yard par three. It's straight but narrow, and accuracy is needed to make your par.

On the back, the tenth is a par five, dog leg right. over rolling terrain. Your second shot is key to success on this long hole. Hole eleven is a down and up valley with multiple landing zones for your drive. Unless you make it to the top tier (I never do), your second shot is blind to the flag. Twelve is a frustrating par three at only 140 yards from the white tee box.


It's narrow and all down hill to an elevated green.

Thirteen is just the opposite. Your tee box is located in the flat of the rolling hills. From the white tee, a strong drive gets you over the creek and to the top of the rise. If you don't make the top, your second shot is blind to the flag. Fourteen is a dog leg right. Left center is the place to be off the tee. The woods on the right will give you fits if you miss the center of the fairway. Fifteen is a fun hole, a par three sitting high, high in the air over a wide open green many, many vertical yards below. Give it a ride and watch it fly.

Sixteen has the tee box in the flat. A solid drive is needed to climb the hill on your approach to the green. From the top you have an easy iron to the medium sized green. Seventeen is down the hill and up the hill. Most drives land in the flat between the hills. From there it's a semi-blind high iron to the green. Eighteen brings back the rolling hills. A solid drive and a solid second shot takes the hills out of play, but the fun is not over. The green is frustrating illusion and your apparent flat putt curves like a banana.

Now it's time to visit the clubhouse for that hot dog, cold adult beverage, iced tea, or soda. Or perhaps pizza and a great bottle of a local wine (to celebrate your hole-in-one). Whatever the reason, our clubhouse offers a great finish to a great round of golf.

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